Analytical method: 5.4.11 JDS4.PM.SW.1

Analytical method code JDS4.PM.SW.1
Name LC/MS
Determinand name Diuron
Determinand code 5.4.11
CAS# 330-54-1
Unit µg/l
Quantification limit 0.005
Uncertainty 20%
Reference to literature ČSN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018
Is the laboratory accredited for the given analyte? Y
Sample preparation method Solid-phase extraction (SPE) using columns
Has the used method been validated according to a protocol? Within-laboratory validation (full method internal validation at research level)
Have the results been corrected for extraction recovery? Y
Was a field blank checked? N
Is the laboratory accredited according to ISO 17025? Y
Does the laboratory participate in interlaboratory studies for the given determinand? NA
Summary of performance of the laboratory in interlaboratory studies for the given determinand NA
Are the data controlled by a competent authority (apart from accreditation bodies)? N

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