Analytical method: 5.3.11 JDS4.PM.SW.1

Analytical method code JDS4.PM.SW.1
Name GC/MS
Determinand name Alachlor
Determinand code 5.3.11
CAS# 15972-60-8
Unit µg/l
Quantification limit 0.005
Uncertainty 25%
Reference to literature ČSN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018
Is the laboratory accredited for the given analyte? Y
Sample preparation method Solid-phase extraction (SPE) using columns
Has the used method been validated according to a protocol? Within-laboratory validation (full method internal validation at research level)
Have the results been corrected for extraction recovery? N
Was a field blank checked? N
Is the laboratory accredited according to ISO 17025? Y
Does the laboratory participate in interlaboratory studies for the given determinand? Y
Summary of performance of the laboratory in interlaboratory studies for the given determinand z<3
Are the data controlled by a competent authority (apart from accreditation bodies)? N

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